The Staff and Curriculum Committee is known as Sub B

This committee meets once a term and are the first committee to meet. This is because they may discuss matters which also need to be considered by the finance committee e.g. about the hours and grading of new staff before it can be ratified by the full governing body

The Chair of the committee is Shelley Long.

The agenda for each meeting is set by referring to the terms of reference for the committee and ensuring that the statutory responsibilities are met and also including any matters which will help keep the governors informed about matters in school such as how the changes to the national curriculum are being implemented.

Committe Members are:
Shelley Long
John Williamson

Natalie Harrison

Clare Arnold
Lucy Ward
Wendy Lyon

Karen Burnett

The Finance, Premises and Health & Safety Committee is known as Sub A.

As the name suggests their role is to ensure that the school budget is managed properly and also to maintain the school assets to a good standard. The committee meets after the staffing and curriculum committee so that any of their recommendations regarding staff deployment and new resources may be considered.

The chair of the committee is Julie Sharman.

Committee members are:
Julie Sharman
Neil Gordon

Ian Ford

Clare Arnold

Linda Peate
Wendy Lyon

Tracy Averill also attends the meetings.


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