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Bethan J wrote:

I learnt different ways to throw the ball in basketball.(I only thought there was chest pass) Like bounce pass the most because to me it is the best

Beth M wrote:

Hi! I learnt lots of different passes like chess pass and also Bounce pass :D See you at school - Beth

Beth M wrote:

sorry I meant to say chest, my mistake!

Daniel S wrote:

New passes,over head,going out side and playing with my friends 🏀⛹️

Florence L wrote:

I loved learning different throws and my favourite throw was the chest throw.I also think that Mr H is good at teaching us basketball.

Sam F wrote:

To shoot from the chest and pass.

Honey B wrote:

I have learnt lots of things in basketball including passing . my favourite pass was over head pass and chest pass Mr H was amazing at teaching us .

James L wrote:

I learnt how to pass to people with in spaces away from the defender

Daniel C wrote:

I learnt how to pass a basketball! over head pass, chest pass and a bounce pass! I enjoyed learning how to shoot properly! 🏀⛹🏻

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